Reboot Notifier

I often suffer from power cuts in my apartment & house that resets my computers, it’s annoying, but more annoying is the fact that I would never know for maybe a few days when I was on the road. this caused problems as my server does a fair bit for me from running plex to hosting the upgrades for my applications, and the FidoLED Web server.

This gave me an idea, what if I wrote an app i could run at start up that would email me when the host computer had been rebooted, and if it could give me its current Public IP address then that would be cool if my router had cycled my IP address.

And so Reboot notifier was born.

It’s a very simple application, install it to your application folder, on a mac drop an alias in to your start up programs, on a PC put it in the startup folder and you are set.

When you first run it, you will be asked for your email server settings, this information is stored on your hard drive in an encrypted database so user account details and passwords are safe.

Then when your computer is rebooted you will get an email notification telling you it was restarted and its IP address.

if you ever need to change these initial settings, you can by clicking the @ in the main window when it first starts up.

Please E-mail me for download link and let me know if you want it for the Mac or PC (when its available!)