M2 Calculator

The M2 Processor (by Brompton*) is used on Large LED video screen, it takes in a variety of inputs and has 4 output ports that can drive up to a maximum of 500,000 pixels per port, but there are some conditions. Frame Rate, Colour Depth and how many pixels each connected tile has can impact the number of tiles you can drive per Port.

By selecting the type of LED tile in the wall (Currently CT only has the Roe MC7HB the Black OnyX 3.47, the Black OnyX 2.84 and the Carbon 4 LED tile with the Brompton Receiver Cards installed) and selecting a frame rate, and colour depth you can see how many tiles you can connect to each port. By inputting the LED walls width and height in tiles, and the number of tiles you want to run on the processors (knowing the number of tiles per port)  you will be shown how many Processors are required.

I wrote this application for the Techs and PM's I work with so that they can see for simple LED screens how many M2 Processors they need on the show for a given frame rate and colour depth.

* this program was not written by Brompton, and they do not provide technical support for this program.

M2 Calculator is available for MAc’s, PC’s, Android and iOS

the current version of M2 Calculator is V1.4.4

For support with M2 Calculator email me here