FidoLED was originally written for the Barco range of LED for  working out how many D320 processors were needed for a given size led screen.

I eventually added in a lot more led types and more information.

Today the program is able to generate grids as well as produce handy dandy print outs to send to clients.

I have started adding more LED products and from the mobile versions you can request more products to be added as i have moved to using a Database for LED products.

FidoLED is now available for mac, windows, android and iOS (I no longer support PPC version of Mac’s as I don’t think anyone uses those anymore!)

There is also a web version available for those who just want to see it in a browser

Current Desktop version is V4.0.9 -

iOS Version is 1.2.3 and Android is 1.9.1

FidoLED for OSx    FidoLED for windows

FidoLED for iOS    FidoLED for Android

for support with FidoLED please email me Here