BlendZ was written as a quick widescreen calculator.

I wanted a program that not only gave you all the measurements needed for a wide screen blended image, but I also wanted to be able to generate grids as well as a nice print out for the techs to use.

All you need to do is enter your screen size and the native pixels of the projector then the number of projectors your going to use. The program will then tell you the overlap your going to have in pixels, the cone size and the overlap measurements.

It will also give you your screen dimensions in pixels for media creation needs.

BlendZ is available for the mac, PC, Android devices and now iOS devices too

The current version of BlendZ is V1.7.9

Blendz for OSX     Blendz for Windows

Blendz for Android  Blendz for iOS

For support with BlendZ email me here